With over 40 years of unexcelled success
With over 40 years of unexcelled success 

Don't get left behind,go digital with Orthotech 

we will be there with you every step of the way

Make life easier for yourself as we offer an incredable service to make your orthodontic appliances just from a 3D scan.

At Orthotech we are using state of the art 3Shape digital equipment and softwear so we can work with you as a dental team to fulful all your needs!

Prices From Digital Scans

Essix Reatiners                                                                   (set) £30.00


Fixed Reatiner                                                                            £30.00


Bleaching Tray                                                                            £15.00


3D Printed Working Model                                                            £5.00


3D Printed Study Models                                                            £15.00


All you need to do is to call today to speak with our dental team to start sending your 3D scans.

Orthotech is a family run business

Est 1981.

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